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In the field of culture, we particularly support the municipal activities of the city of Trutnov and selected social actions. The culture of the city of Trutnov is largely in charge of the UFFO Social Centre for Culture or the Gallery of the City of Trutnov. We are a proud general partner of both institutions. 


Support of Regional Sport by the KASPER GROUP has become a long-term relationship. Sponsoring sports clubs, especially for youth, is an important aspect of education and an effort to maintain a positive attitude of children and adults towards sport activities and a healthy lifestyle. Supported sports include cycling, athletics, skiing and a number of individual major sporting events organised in the Trutnov region. 


We work closely with secondary schools and support the education of students. Thanks to our annual financial gift, SPŠ Trutnov can provide extraordinarily equipped workstations for their classes and organise competitions for students in order to increase their motivation in order to achieve the best possible results and award the “Mechanical engineer of the year” and “Toolmaker of the year” awards. At KASPER KOVO students can also acquire professional experience and practical experience in modern manufacturing technologies.  

We also support the Elementary Art School in Trutnov and the Hraničář Boy Scout centre. 


We are happy to help where it is really needed. The organisations and projects we support include Regional Charity TrutnovSt. Joseph’s Home in ŽírčPeople in Need, etc.