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In addition to industrial production, KASPER KOVO s.r.o. cooperates with a number of artists. 

In addition to the financial support provided (see more in the sponsorship section), we are also engaged in the production of works of art according to the author's specification. The most interesting implementations include projects with the sculptors Čestmír Suška and Michal Gabriel. 


Seven meters long, weighing six tons and definitely extraordinary. Meet the shark or, to be exact, its stainless sculpture that originated in KASPER KOVO. The author is the sculptor Michal Gabriel. In co-operation with him, a model was created using 3D technology to create the sculpture itself. The shark is now exhibited at the NordArt Sculpture Symposium in Germany.

The monumental shark sculpture is made of stainless steel material frequently used by KASPER KOVO. Laser was used to cut 2,200 ten-millimetre stainless steel segments which are connected according to the design to form a marine animal. Thanks to the automation of some manufacturing processes, KASPER KOVO workers worked on the job for about two weeks. Creating the design itself with the use of SolidWorks 3D programme took much longer. See the video that captures the entire creation process. 


After the success garnered by the stainless steel Shark sculpture at the prestigious NordArt sculpting event, we have followed up on our collaboration with the sculptor Michael Gabriel. At the turn of winter and spring 2019/2020, a new work was created in the workshops of KASPER KOVO. Weighing two-and-a-half tonnes, the stainless steel horse sculpture is intended for an exhibition in Karlovy Vary. Slightly above life-sized, the horse will be adorning the public area of the spa town.

Creating such a sculpture means many hours of artist's preparation as well as the hard work of skilled craftsmen. How is the production carried out, what precedes it and what does Michael Gabriel’s collaboration with us as a production company actually look like? Check out our video coverage to find out!


Surrounded by a joyful play of lights and shadows mirroring in the stainless steel, the Steel Horseman sculpture may appear like a tangible hologram. Thanks to the long-term interest of the sculptor Michal Gabriel in installing his work in the public space, it is now located in the area between the old city hall at Krakonoš Square, directly in the centre of Trutnov. However, its monumental appearance was revealed to the public as early as August 2020 during the Artu Kus event at Bojiště.  

Interestingly, this sculpture was previously created in several smaller bronze versions. The sculptor’s desire to see the horseman on a much larger scale was fulfilled by KASPER KOVO. Their sculpture, consisting of centimetre stainless steel segments, is three metres tall and weighs over two and a half tonnes. 


Made to order for an owner from Čeladná, the Steel Lion is almost two metres tall, two and a half metres long and weighs over a tonne and a half. Initially, it was shown in front of the Trutnov social centre UFFO as part of a temporary exhibition, where it attracted the attention of all bystanders, garnering deep admiration.  

KASPER KOVO therefore did not hesitate to hear out the suggestion of the sculptor Michal Gabriel to produce a copy, which differs only by the number 2 engraved on the lion’s leg.  In November 2019, this replica was placed on the Slavic Square in front of the city gallery. The people of Trutnov can therefore continue to admire one of the most popular sculptures of modern history and observe its breathtaking transformation over the course of the four seasons.